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Privacy Policy

We declare that we acknowledge safe administration of personal information is an important social responsibility, and thus we put together an organization to work towards appropriate handling of personal information and continual improvement as personal information protection is one of the highest priorities of our business activities.

We specify purposes when we collect personal information and use it within a scope of the purpose. We inform the principals or announce officially if we change the purpose.
We respond within the reasonability after confirming the personal identity appropriately when we are asked to disclose, modify or stop using the personal information which we possess from the principals.
We make efforts to prevent illegal access, loss, damage, alteration and divulgation of personal information by ID and password management, thorough rules for personal information preservation, management and disposal.
We don’t provide the personal information which we possess to a third party without agreement of the principal.
We carefully select the assignee and sign a nondisclosure contract when we provide the personal information for business consignment.
As for handling the personal information, we comply with applicable law and regulatory as well as management and necessary reclamation to make sure that it is operated appropriately and also continuously reviews and improve activities of personal information protection.

Established date: 2010, December, 1th
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