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Terms and Conditions

Information Regarding Website Operation


Website Supervisor:Shinji Okada

Company Name;NEWCONCEPT Co., Ltd.

Company Location: 5F World Udagawa bldg, 36-6 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan

Item Prices:Item prices are listed on separate pages.

When to Pay:Advance Payment

How to Pay: PayPal or Bank Transfer

Delivery Times:Delivery times differ depending on the type of item and which country the item(s) will be delivered to.

How to Order:Through Our Website

Quantity Limits for Items Sold and Other Regulations:
Regulations might be applied depending on the type of item, the type of service, size, weight, import restrictions and other restrictions. When we deem that a user of this website is not suitable for the service we provide, we might discontinue services to that user.

Refunds, Returns and Exchanges:
We do not accept refunds, returns or exchanges in principle.The user will be liable for the shipping cost in the case of a shipment error or an exchange in defective items.

Shipment Fees:
Shipment fees differ depending on size, weight and the country to which item(s) are being delivered.A situation may arise in which we are unable to deliver your item(s) due to the local laws/regulations of the destination country. See our shippment fees.

Import Tax:
Import tax rates differ depending on the type of item and destination country. Website users are responsible for checking import tax rates.

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